Reflections is a collaborative sculptural series created with my husband Dave Foley. Together we conceptualize, create and install reflective sculptures in public spaces for engagement, interaction and self-documentation. As this reflective series moves around, visitors are invited to photograph and post their reflection, mapping their experiences with site-specific tags such as #myReflectionFranklinPark and #SEENinBrookine.

Internal Reflections (reflective room)
In August 2015, the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture celebrated temporary art in Boston's neighborhoods with the outdoor exhibition, Pop-Up: Franklin Park Art Grove, which was sited in Franklin Park’s Wilderness Picnic Grove. This three-tiered program included a selection of outdoor art interventions, public talks, and artist-led youth workshops. This exhibition was a collaboration between The Boston Art Commission, the Franklin Park Coalition, the William Monroe Trotter Institute, and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

Artists' Statement: Literal and metaphorical reflection calls our attention to our internal and external environments. This sculpture invites us to reflect upon our sense of place, the importance of self, and our interconnectedness to the whole. 

Reflective Moments (reflective pyramids)
In the spring of 2014, a set of three different sized reflective pyramids was our first reflective collaborative creation. This work was created for Studios Without Walls, an outdoor sculptural exhibition titled Seen / Not Seen and set in Fredrick Law Olmstead's Riverway Park in Brookline. This work was then exhibited at Roxbury Community College for the Violence Transformed exhibition.

Artists' Statement: As a society, moving to and from our destinations, absorbed in thought and technology, we've become increasingly unaware of our surroundings and often pass through life without seeing. In response to this unseeing movement, we offer an opportunity to reflect in this environment for a moment in time.