cuban moments

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I traveled to Cuba in 2011 to obtain a better understanding of the country and its people. My journey inspired me to share my experience and encourage others to learn more about Cuba, its people, their history, and the country’s global achievements in education, environmental stewardship and universal health care. I met many Cuban's who talked about life under a repressive regime and the paralyzing effects of U.S. sanctions in their lives. I learned that our similarities are much greater than our differences and we have much to learn from each other. In 2016 the US ended its embargo against Cuba and now the Cuban people have the freedom and global resources to make changes they feel are best for their country. On behalf of the Cuban citizens who pleaded for our help, thank you President Obama for your humanity, intelligence and effort to end the embargo against Cuba.

This work was part of a traveling photographic exhibit that includes an educational component featuring current events, a lecture and slideshow.